Kurator/-in: Suse Wassibauer
Eröffnung: Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 1997, 7.00 p.m.
Von 11.02.1997 bis 22.03.1997
London Zoo III, 1992


In zoos Candida Höfer found a solution to the dilemma of the hopelessness of photographing people in the spaces assigned to them. Inherent in this spaces is a strange ambivalence. Their fictional character becomes apparent. Possibly, public spaces must be photographed deserted, for it would be unbearable to see human beings adapted to them as animals.

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von 03.06.2022 bis 30.07.2022
Anna Breit / Rebecca Unz
von 01.04.2022 bis 28.05.2022
Anna Breit, Rebecca Unz