Kurator/-in: Michael Mauracher
Eröffnung: Donnerstag 26. 3. 1997, 19.00 Uhr
Von 27.03.1997 bis 27.03.1997
Öffnungszeiten: MO-FR 15-19 Uhr, SA 10-13 Uhr
Ausstellungsübersicht, Emilio Ganot, Angelika Kampfer, Ruth Bayer, Andreas Balon, Veronika Oberhammer, Georg Mayr, Andreas Stögerer, Nikolaus Weitzer
Oberhammer and Weitzer confront their youth culture in the metropolis, for Stögerer the village neighborhood is the subject, and Kampfer and Mayr describe the world amongst the highland farmers of Carinthia and the South Tyrol.

In Bayer's photographs group membership is displayed by means of external symbols (tattoos).
Ganot's photos describe the shared experiences of his Philippine compatriots as aliens in Austria.
Balon's large format portraits deny definition of the social status of the depicted persons from his surroundings.
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Anna Breit / Rebecca Unz
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Anna Breit, Rebecca Unz