Kurator/-in: Herman Seidl & Kurt Kaindl
Eröffnung: November 12, 7pm
Von 12.11.1998 bis 22.12.1998
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 3pm-7pm, Sa 10am-1pm


The exhibit "Tagebücher" (Diaries) focuses on the photographic positions of six artists living in Austria: Ulla Diedrichsen, Isabella Groedl, Monika K. Huber, Christa Kresina, Annette Neutzner and Ernest Pointner. They use photography to give a visual and chronological order to their personal experiences, emotions, relations and thoughts.

The works range from the presentation of family photos, arranged in new contexts and fields of significance to picture series and sequences from the artists´ traves and personal experiences. None of the works have been shown in public and differ in form and content despite their common theme.

Isabella Groedl visualizes the living conditions and living rooms of her friend Andrea and arranges her photo-series on aluminium in the form of magazine layouts. Annette Neutzners contents of the kitchen shelf hint at personal conditions when she studied at the Glasgow school or art. Her personal diaries are also displayed. Monika K. Huber reconstructs memory of specific days by assembling picture details, to form one large transparent image. Ulla Diedrichsens "Silent movie" consists of a series of TV-frames, documented with Polaroids, which capture the relation between her emotions and the content of war movies. Christa Kresina arranges a travel diary of a trip to NYC in the form of large format color panoramas. Ernest Pointners excerpts from the family album of his father - who was a space craft engineer and deported to Russia after WW2 - describe not only his personal history, but are much more documents of dramatic historic events.

Herman Seidl

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