Kurator/-in: Dr. Kurt Kaindl
Eröffnung: Thursday July 15, 1999, 8 pm
Von 15.07.1999 bis 14.08.1999
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 3 pm - 7 pm, Sa 10 am - 1 pm

Vitalia 1999, installation view

Vitalia, the work by Israelian artist Tamar Shori, is a meeting point between the physical and the digital realms; both manifested through a 3D-computer file that is physically realized in various ways. The spectator’s presence and behavior in the installation serves as a bridge between the realms. An air inflated body in a spiraled shape is made of computer plastic sheets. The prints portray various angles of a 3D world that is influenced by the appearance of inner organs.

At the end of the path dictated by the spiraled body, the spectator meets a hidden computerized system that enables inspection of the various parts and angles of the original 3D file as it moves in a circling animation. The intersection between the spectator and the computerized system is projected onto a screen outside, and there serves as an indication of the way that one operates the system in the inner core’s unstable environment.

Vitalia is, in a way, a voyage in which one may penetrate through the finite quality of the physical world towards the fluid multi-optional nature of the computerized system. The fact that all imagery contained in the installation derives from the same computer file creates a circular system that enhances and verifies itself. The organic appearance of the landscape adds to the inward direction of the quest. The spectator is lured into the core of Vitalia where his digital choices are projected outside, serving as a thumbprint of his presence. The intimate interaction becomes public and the unique presence of each spectator that operates the system is now represented by a click of a mouse.

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"Vitalia" was produced by Fotohof in cooperation with Chelouche Art Gallery in Tel-Aviv.