Interference: Locations in Memory and Time

Von 01.10.1999 bis 30.10.1999
Ausstellungsübersicht, Elke Boon, Dirk Braeckman, David Claerbout


Interference : Locations in Memory and Time.

The title of the exhibition refers to the peculiarities of the photographic medium and to the dialogue between the works. Although the works of the three artists differ in form, format and method, their images start interacting upon a closer look. The common theme is the location of frozen moments in time.

The video and photo-artist Elke Boon shows at Fotohof realistical portraits of people in their intimate surroundings of their rooms and the video installation "one".The video shows two legs in a daunty skirt, with blood dripping down. A closer look reveals the suggested girl to be a boy, but the suggestion seems so brief, it appears not to be true. Regarding her color photographs, everything depends on how the imaginery and pictures are interpreted. Everything she does, wether its video, color or black and white photography, walks a tight line between fiction and documentary.

      Dirk Braeckman shows interiors with objects. Time is standing still, a moment is frozen to an image: a situation which will not occur again. Due to the individuality and the precise focusing of the lens the large format b&w photographs become objects of art. "I don't think that I should pretend what my photographs should look like. I create images. They are there, and that's all. My work has been exhibited, commented on and written about, but for me the most important thing remains in the act of taking a picture. I never feel as free as when I take a photograph."

David Claerbout works with manipulated videos. They are projected on white walls. Sometimes the projection is monumental, sometimes rather small; but both evoke an almost tender fantasy. Children are playing in a schoolyard, a sculpture of an angel next to a wall, two postcards, frozen images. The happy mood of the playing children is frozen in the moment and seems ironic in the fact that the architect of this yard was a known Italian fascist. The atmosphere is enhanced by the manipulation of the trees. Their leaves seem animated as if by a small breeze.