Camera Work

von 15.04.1999 bis 15.04.1999
Ausstellungsübersicht, Rita Henssen, Thomas Demand, Simone Westerwinter, Peter Bömmels, Georg Winter, Cor Dera, Alex Hanimann, Martin Gostner

Oil on canvas
Camera Work

Photography and Its Objects - Fotohof invited Christian Gögger (Kunstverein Ludwigsburg) to curate this show. - Concept Art in the 60s was a crucial turning point: it essentially redefined the medium of photography. The photographic process and the photograph itself became conceptual, experimental or performance-like instruments which referred to the real object world without documenting it.

For this exhibition eight artists who use photography as an expression within a broad media spectrum were invited. They realize their images and objects from a purely personal perspective, dismantling the special status of photography in the sense of high gloss aesthetics. In their content as well as with their technique they demonstrate the self-evident handling of the popular medium photography.

In the context of art in the 90's the artists represent different aspects regarding the relation of photography to its objects: they point out the difference between surface aesthetics and contents (Dera, Westerwinter); the application of the photographic picture as a sketch book and 'light drawing' (Boemmels, Henssen); the reversal of the photographic process by concentrating perception and consciousness on the subject means a renunciation of the picture as a material product which shifts the development of the picture to the front of the camera (Winter); the parallel structure of text and images (Hanimann, Hensen); the materialized staging of the photographic object as a doubling and a neutralization of the photographic appearance (Demand); and, the legitimization of artistic contents through the historical function of photography (Gostner). The exhibition is supported by the ifa Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. Stuttgart, Germany. 
Projekte 2010–20
von 26.01.2021 bis 03.04.2021
Wolfgang Vollmer