Current Exhibitions:

Bilder, Dokumente, Artefakte
40 Years of FOTOHOF
Exhibition run: 23 November 2021 − 19 March 2022
FOTOHOF / Inge-Morath-Platz 1-3 / 5020 Salzburg / Austria
Opening hours: Tue−Fri 3−7 pm, Sat 11 am−3 pm

one artist - one minute
Artists from 40 Years of FOTOHOF
Exhibition run: 23 November 2021 − 19 March 2022
Stadtgalerie Lehen / Inge-Morath-Platz 31 / 5020 Salzburg / Austria
Opening hours: Tue, Thu, Fri 4−7 pm, Wed 2−7 pm, Sat 11 am−3 pm


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Installation view: Bilder, Dokumente, Artefakte
Image: Herman Seidl
Installation view: one artist one minute
Philippe Gerlach, Excerpt from "Rabbits" (2019 - 2021)
Image: Herman Seidl

As a conclusion and highlight of its 40th anniversary, FOTOHOF looks inward with one eye and outward with the other: At FOTOHOF, the exhibition "Bilder, Dokumente, Artefakte" takes a look back at the exhibition history of FOTOHOF and inward at documents and artifacts of the gallery's operation.
At the same time, at Stadtgalerie Lehen, FOTOHOF looks outward to Austrian and international photo artists who have collaborated with FOTOHOF with the exhibition "one artist - one minute" and whose images are shown in a projection exhibition.



FOTOHOF archiv: Josef Dapra

For his 100th birthday
Exhibition run: 23 November 2021 – 17 March 2022

FOTOHOF archiv / Sparkassenstraße 2 / 5020 Salzburg / Austria
Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Thu 3–6 pm

Josef Dapra Gastein, 1957

The photographer Josef Dapra was an important documentarist of Salzburg in the post-war period, who published numerous illustrated books and thus helped the picturesque views of this city to become internationally known. On the occasion of his 100th birthday, however, the FOTOHOF archiv is primarily presenting an overview of the still unknown sides of his photographic life's work, which also show him to be a distinguished modernist.



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