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Henry Rox Photographs 19351955

Exhibition run: 26 January – 3 April 2021

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Henry Rox: "Carrot Elephant", 1940ies. from the series: Henry Rox Revue, FOTOHOF edition 2020
Henry Rox Archive Cologne, 2020
Wolfgang Vollmer, Unbekannte Flugobjekte, CUP, um 1970 aus: Meisterwerke der Fotografischen Kunst - Die Sammlung Vollmer, Wolfgang Vollmer-VG Bild-Kunst

Wolfgang Vollmer's works address the medium of photography in a variety of ways. Rather than capturing and recording a particular scene, it is more about collecting, researching, re-evaluating and replicating. Wolfgang Vollmer examines the conditions intrinsic to the media, dissolving the apparently self-evident facts and then reconstructing them in a controlled manner. Here photography is about questioning reality, perception, and artistic subjectivity.


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FOTOHOF archive: Wolfgang Vollmer VADEMECUM

Exhibition run: 23 January – 6 March 2021

FOTOHOF archiv / Sparkassenstraße 2 / 5020 Salzburg / Austria
Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Thu 3–6 pm

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Wolfgang Vollmer Fotografierende.
from the series: VADEMECUM

The VADEMECUM collection features more than 1,000 original analogue amateur photographs, spread across 46 individual cardboard boxes. Sorted according to their technical circumstances, themes, and attributes, these photos are a renewed opportunity to highlight the field of photography, thanks to a second viewing as it were. The deconstruction and concentration make the circumstances in which the medium operates tangible. Also conveyed are the classic photographic images with which everyone is familiar from their own experiences with private photography, e.g. house plants, Christmas, looking out the window, or picture-in-picture.




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